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Daily Trivia: 12/27/12

Question: What nighttime soap cast Alec Baldwin as the wife-beating televangelist Joshua Rush?

Last Question: What sitcom, which aired from 1986-1987, starred Jack Klugman and John Stamos?

Answer: You Again?

Great job Christa (@buttercup081474)!!

You Again? aired for two seasons – February 27, 1986 to March 30, 1987. Jack Klugman played Henry Willows, and John Stamos played his son, Matt. Henry was a supermarket manager who had been divorced for 10 years, and made no effort to see his son in that time. Then Matt came back in his life to come live with him. They were a bit of an “odd couple” as Matt was ill-mannered and a ladies man, and Henry was gruff and bitter. They would have differences, and in sitcom tradition, they were resolved by the end of the episode. Here is an episode:



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3