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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 10/7/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: What group was formed by drummer Terry Bozzio and his wife Dale, a former Playboy Bunny who sported Plexiglas bras?

Last Question: What band threw bibles into the crowd during their concerts and had an album named In God We Trust?

Answer: Stryper
Great job J.V. (@JVfromOhio)!!!

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Remember That Song – 1/12/21

Can you name the artist and song:

We don’t follow fashion
That’d be a joke
You know we’re going to set them, set them
So everyone can take note, take note

Last Song: “Honestly” by Stryper from To Hell with the Devil (1988)

Great job Vicssecret (@Vicssecret)!!!

And through the years
I will be a friend
For always and forever

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, click on the album cover below:

Remember That Song: 9/12/16

Here is another one from my friend at https://bierpumpe.wordpress.com/. This a lost classic that I would never have thought of using. Thanks, Peter!

Can you name the artist and song:

Well, we fought all night, side by side, we took our battle stance
And I wondered how the bullets missed this man
‘Cause they seemed to go right through him, just as if he wasn’t there
And in the mornin’ we both took a chance and ran

Last Song: “Always There For You” by Stryper from In God We Trust (1988)

Love can be so cold
And loneliness gets old
More than words or broken promises
I want to show you what true love is

Remember That Song: 11/17/14

Can you name the artist and song:

Cover me with kisses, baby
Cover me with love
Roll me in designer sheets
I’ll never get enough

Last Song: “Free” by Stryper from To Hell With the Devil (1986)

There’s no better time than now
You’ve got the right to choose
You can’t lose
You’re Free

Remember That Song: 7/14/14

Can you name the artist and song:

All I wish is to be alone
Stay away, don’t you invade my home
Best off if you hang outside
Don’t come in – I’ll only run and hide

Last Song: “Honestly” by Stryper from To Hell With the Devil (1986)

Call on me and I’ll be there for you
I’m a friend who always will be true

Remember That Song: 1/30/13

Can you name the artist and song:

Daddy’s girl learned fast
All those things she couldn’t say

Last Song: “Calling On You” by Stryper

Great job Frida (@carrjam94)!!

You, You make my life complete
You give me all I need
You help me Through and Through,
I’m Calling On You

Music Video of the Week – 4/20/11

This week’s selection is “Calling On You” by Stryper:

I always loved this Christian glam metal band. Their music always made me feel good. The music itself rocks, and Michael Sweet’s vocals are incredible. “Calling On You” was the first song I heard by them, and it is still one of my favorites. It came off of their second album, To Hell With the Devil, which is a great album. I don’t think my parents were too happy about me owning an album with the words “Hell” and “Devil” in it. But, it was a cool album name, which drew attention. The album was released in 1986, and was both the first Contemporary Christian and Christian metal album to achieve Platinum status, selling over one million copies. It remains the best-selling Christian metal album of all time.