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Daily Trivia – 3/15/11

Question: What 1984 sci-fi movie did David Lynch direct after turning down an offer to direct Return of the Jedi?

Last Question: In Superman III, who played computer genius “Gus Gorman”?

Answer: Richard Pryor

Well, it was better than Superman IV. The late Richard Pryor played Gus Gorman, a bumbling computer genius. This Superman movie did not have Lex Luthor in it. Instead, it had Robert Vaughn as the multi-millionaire villain. I thought it was funny seeing Vaughn shilling for a local law office – d’Oliveira & Morgan. Then while watching TV in another state, he was in another law office commercial. What the hell?!

Superman III also starred Annette O’Toole as Lana Lang – Clark Kent’s first love. Now she has starred in Smallville as Clark Kent’s mother, Martha Kent. I haven’t seen Superman III since Smallville has been on the air, so I’m not sure if I would be freaked out or not.