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Daily Trivia – 7/5/11

Question: In Irreconcilable Differences, who played the divorce-filing daughter “Casey”?

Last Question: In Superman II, we all know Zod was the main villain. Can you name the other two bad Kryptonians, alongside Zod, that terrorized Superman and Metropolis in the movie?

Ursa an Non

In Superman II, the best Superman movie made so far, Superman had to face 3 villains that had the same powers that he had. General Zod (played by Terrence Stamp, who would do a 180, and play the voice of Jor-El in television’s Smallville), Ursa (played by Sarah Douglas), who was just as relentless as Zod, and Non (Jack O’Halloran), who was mute, but spoke with his muscle.

After Superman II, Sarah Douglas played Pamela Lynch in Falcon Crest. She also played a villain in another superhero movie – the evil Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer. She also made guest appearances in several shows over the years. She is also a voice actor in several animated TV series, including Iron Man, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman of the Future.

Before playing Non, Jack O’Halloran was a professional boxer. He actually almost had a match against Muhammad Ali in 1973. But he lost a bout against Jimmy Summerville, and was never a serious contender after that.

In addition to the Superman movies, O’Halloran has also played supporting roles in King Kong (1976) and Dragnet (1987), as well as The Baltimore Bullet (1980), Hero and the Terror (1988) and Mob Boss (1990).

Here is the Superman II trailer: