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Quote of the Day: Teen Wolf

Scott Howard: Hi. I’d like a keg of beer please?
Old man clerk: [looking at a newspaper] You don’t say.
Scott Howard: Yeah. How much is that?
Old man clerk: You little bastards just don’t give up, do you? Listen, no I.D. no goddamn beer. Can’t you get that through your thick skull?
Scott Howard: [his eyes turn red and his voice changes] Give me, a keg, of beer.
[the clerk steps back in fear and go gets a keg, then Scott turns back to normal holding a thing of licorice]
Scott Howard: And these.

Happy 55th Birthday to Michael J. Fox!!!

Quote of the Day: Teen Wolf

Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox): Listen, Stiles. Do you know anything about a rash that’s going around?

Stiles (Jerry Levine): Why, you looking to catch something?

Scott Howard: No, I’m serious.

Stiles: No… but I heard Mr. Murphy, you know, the shop teacher?

Scott Howard: Yeah?

Stiles: Got his dick caught in a vacuum cleaner.

Happy 58th Birthday to Jerry Levine!!