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Happy Father’s Day! ’80s Sitcom Fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, here is a tribute to ’80s sitcom Fathers. These are listed in no particular order:

Howard Cunninghan – Happy Days

“Mr. C” had a lot to deal with. Not only did own a hardware store (Cunningham Hardware), but he had to deal with his bickering kids (Richie and Joanie), and his sometimes spacey wife, Marion. He also had to put up with Richie’s goofy friends, Potsie and Ralph Mouth, and he was also a father figure to Fonzie. Then later on, he had to deal with Fonzie’s nephew, Chachi, chasing after his daughter.
At least he got to let off steam at the Leopard Lodge or bowling for a team called the Ten Pins.

Edward Stratton III – Silver Spoons

Sure Edward Stratton may have been a bit of a man-child. But who would complain about a dad that has a train that runs through the house. And at the time, how many of us were jealous that Ricky had a full size arcade game in the house?!

Jason Seaver – Growing Pains

Dr. Jason Seaver was a psychiatrist who also taught lessons to his own kids. And how cool was he to score Springsteen tickets for his son, Mike?! Too bad Jason embarrased him on th on-street TV interview after the concert. Well, nobody’s perfect.

Steven Keaton – Family Ties

Steven was a public TV manager, and a proud former hippie, who raised four children – one of whom was a conservative free marketeer. The soft-spoken father was able to guide his family through som “very special episodes” and came through with flying colors.

Al Bundy – Married With Children

albundy2Al Bundy was the heart and soul of the Bundy family. He was cursed selling women’s shoes, and came home to a family that constantly mocked him. But he still enjoyed the simple things in life, such as sitting in front of the TV, and sticking his hand in his pants.

So who are some of your favorite sitcom dads? Mr. Drummond? The dads from My Two Dads? Tony from Who’s the Boss?

Give a shout out to your favorite dads, and Happy Father’s Day!

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Television Flashback: The Cosby Show – “Happy Anniversary”

Throughout the ’80s, there were several iconic television moments. Some were from real life events, and others were from our favorite television shows. Last week, while I was home sick from work, I saw that several episodes of The Cosby Show were coming on. Oh yeah!!! One of the episodes was a classic that we all remember.

“Happy Anniversary” originally aired on Oct 10, 1985 (Season 2, Episode 3), and is the episode where Cliff’s parents were celebrating their 49th anniversary. Before his parents arrived for the party, Cliff was discussing the fact that he and Clair bought them tickets for a 3 week European Cruise. Theo thought that gift was a big mistake, and that they should have sent them to Nairobi, where they could float along the river and see the mating of the wildebeests. But, oh well, it was too late. The tickets were already bought.

Just before Cliff’s parents came in the door, the Huxtables were going over the game plan for the night. And don’t say anything about the cruise – it’s a surprise. Let’s see. Cliff is a doctor, and Clair is a lawyer. You would think they would have been smart enough say anything about a surprise in front of a 5 year old. Sure enough, the first thing Rudy did was to spill the beans and ruin the surprise!

After Cliff’s ungrateful parents made up every excuse in the book on why they didn’t want to go on a cruise, the family had dinner. This was followed by the entertainment. Cliff’s parents enjoyed this present much more than the cruise. And it was a gift for us as well.

You know the iconic scene. The Huxtable ladies lined up in front of the staircase, and Theo slowly made his way down the stairs as the family was lip syncing to Ray Charles’ “Night Time Is the Right Time”. Classic! And who can forget Rudy’s’ “BABY!! BABY!!” Then Cliff took over the Ray Charles part, and made awesome faces while finishing the song. Here, you can see the scene yourself:

Next, Cliff presented his parents a nice painted portrait for their final gift. Later on, they decided to go on the cruise after all, and were just going to take off without telling anybody.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!!

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80’s Trivia – 6/21/13

Question: What movie is this from?

trivia 621

Last Question: On The Cosby Show, what was Clair Huxtable’s maiden name?

A. Lucas
B. Hanks
C. Jefferson
D. Bennet

Answer: B. Hanks

Great job Kickin’ It Old School (@oldschool80s), Wilhelmina (@WillieSun), and Selena (@SelenaMello2)

Hanks is also the maiden name of Bill Cosbny’s real wife, Camille.

Here is a part of an episode of The Cosby Show:

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Daily Trivia – 9/12/11

Question: Who swore off sitcoms after a short, unhappy stint as Frankie on Benson, until he got his own show nine years later?

Last Question: What sitcom featured Sabrina Le Beauf, after she beat out Whitney Houston for the role of Sondra?

Answer: The Cosby Show

Sabrina Le Beauf auditioned for the role of Sondra in 1984, and almost missed the role because she was only 10 years younger than Phylicia Rasha-d, who played her mother, Clair Huxtable.

But, according to People Magazine, Bill Cosby was so impressed with her, that she won the role, beating out Whitney Houston. “When Sabrina came in, we all recognized that this was an actress. She is thoroughly learned.” As poised Sondra, who graduated from Princeton, wed beau Elvin Tibideaux (Geoffrey Owens) and gave birth to twins, Le Beauf was a role model to her costars, Malcom-Jamal Warner says. “You could tell she wasn’t in the business to get rich and famous.”

After The Cosby Show, Sabrina Le Beauf did not appear in much else. She played Ensign Giusti in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and she performs with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC.

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