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Quote of the Day: The Little Mermaid


Sebastian: Ariel, listen to me. The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.


Sebastian: The seaweed is always greener / In somebody else’s lake / You dream about going up there / But that is a big mistake / Just look at the world around you / Right here on the ocean floor / Such wonderful things around you / What more is you lookin’ for? / Under the sea / Under the sea / Darlin’, it’s better / Down where it’s wetter / Take it from me / Up on the shore they work all day / Out in the sun they slave away / While we devotin’ / Full time to floating / Under the sea!


The Little Mermaid became the 28th Disney animated feature film to be released in theaters on this day 30 years ago, Nov 14, 1989.

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