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Daily Trivia – 5/10/12

Question: What randy Bo Derek movie sparked a lawsuit from the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs?

Last Question: What smash 1987 comedy was hyped: “They changed her diapers. She changed their lives”?

Answer: Three Men and a Baby

Three Men and a Baby, starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson, was the biggest box office hit of 1987 surpassing Fatal Attraction and eventually grossing US $167 million in the US alone.

Three Men and a Baby also had a sequel in 1990: Three Men and a Little Lady.

Tom Selleck and Ted Danson can both be seen on television weekly again, with Selleck starring in Blue Bloods, and Danson starring in CSI. After being a huge star in the 80s starring in Diner, Cocoon, Three Men and a Baby, Short Circuit, and of course the Police Academy franchise, Steve Guttenberg kind of disappeared. But he has just released a memoir, The Guttenberg Bible.

There are no dates set yet, but there is going to be another Three Men and a Baby sequel with the guys, called Three Men and a Bride.

Here is the movie trailer of the original movie:

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