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Episode 19: Rubix Kube/Trixter

This was absolute blast interviewing my favorite band – Rubix Kube. Two of the members of Rubix Kube is also 1/2 of Trixter. So, here are 2 interviews in 1 episode! First up is Cherie and Scott – the lead singers, and John, the drummer. Then the second interview is Steve Brown and PJ Farley the guitarist and bassist, respectively for both Rubix Kube and Trixter.

– Meet Cherie, Scott, and John
– How the band got started
– How the bad got it’s name
– Why Rubix Kube, and not Rubik’s Cube
– Choosing a set list
– You can request a song to be played
– Stage props
– The late, great David Z. got to justify his crazy 80s memorabilia collection
– Scott’s dad’s involvement with Jim Henson’s Muppets
Rubix Kube’s appearance on The Cake Boss
– Don’t eat fondant
– Where the band tours
– Played for the troops
– Don’t peek at the set list!
– Thanks to John, for putting this interview together
– Where did Animal go?
– Find the band online. Just misspell the name, and you’ll find them

– More Rubix Kube band members – who also happen to be members of the band Trixter – Steve Brown and PJ Farley
– Awesome debut album. Then came the dark period for all of us ’80s music fans – Grunge
– Other projects
– Reunited in 2008
– Yes, Paul just compared Trixter to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard
– New Audio Machine and Human Era
– Eric Martin and the Trixters. The guys tour with Mr. Big’s Eric Martin
– Maybe we will hear more from these guys
– Steve Brown’s tenure with Def Leppard – Do all those Mutt Parts

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Facebook and Twitter – @trixterrocks

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