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Episode 35: Whitney Houston Madness Tournament

Another Return to the ’80s podcast episode is finally here! After several mishaps, the Whitney Houston March Madness Tournament is finally complete. Even though there were some setbacks, it was still a blast!
And this podcast episode is an absolute blast! The “Rad” Caroline and Claire join us in this fun episode! We talk Whitney, music videos, album covers, and the good ole days of liner notes. Enjoy the show!

– Mishaps
– Slow Dancing with Robert “Kool” Bell
– Tournament Results
– Videos, album covers, and liner note discussion

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Whitney Houston March Madness Finals

Whitney_Houston_HowWill_IKnow  vs.  whitney-houston-i-wanna-dance-with-somebody-who-loves-me-vintage-vinyl-album-cover-2AFA7J6

The Whitney Houston March Madness is coming to a close! The Final Four matches were not even close. This final should be interesting. We have:
How Will I Know” vs. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Due to techniucal complications, voting will be held on Twitter and/or the Return to the ’80s group page.
I will set this up for 3 days to give time for people to vote.

Whitney Houston March Madness – Elite 8

Whitney March MadnessBetter late than never, but the 4th annual Return to the ’80s March Madness tournament is here! If you are new to this site, each year one artist is chosen for the March Madness Tournament. We pit their own hit songs against each other. As with last year, voting will be done right here on the site, Twitter – @Returntothe80s,  And the Return to the ’80s group page on Facebook.

Previous winners have been:
2018 – “Out of Touch” in the Hall & Oates March Madness
2019 – “Purple Rain” in the Prince March Madness
2020 – “Crazy For You” in the Madonna March Madness

This year, I was going to go with Phil Collins, but with my busy schedule, I have to jump right into the elite 8. And Collins had way too many top 40 hits to limit it to just 8.

Since Whitney had 7 number one hits in the ’80s, a Wild Card tournament was held to fill in the final slot. The winner was “You Give Good Love.”

Since this tournament will go into April, there is literally no time to waste! So let’s get this party started!
This round will close on Friday April 2.

You can click on the song titles to get the YouTube videos. The poll is at the bottom.

You Give Good Love” vs. “Saving All My Love For You

How Will I Know” vs. “The Greatest Love of All

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” vs. “Didn’t We Almost Have It All

So Emotional” vs. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go