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Return to the ’80s Trivia – 12/8/21

rtt80s trivia

Question: The best selling single of 1980, “Call Me” by Blondie, was the theme song for which movie?

Last Question: Who was the voice of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit??

Answer: Kathleen Turner

Great job sweetpurplejune and Adora (@Adora2000)!!!


Quote of the Day: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Eddie Valiant: [Roger managed to slip his arm out of the Handcuffs he and Eddie were attached to] You mean you could’ve taken your hand out of that cuff at any time?

Roger Rabbit: No, not at any time, only when it was funny.


P-p–please wish Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit, a happy 69th birthday!!!

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Daily Trivia – 4/27/12

Question: What “family” sitcom did producers originally write with Sam Kinison and Roseanne Barr in mind?

Last Question: What animated siren explained: “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way”?

Answer: Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit was Roger’s wife, and voiced by Kathleen Turner. Here is the movie trailer: