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Daily Trivia: 12/6/12

Question: Before playing Angela on Who’s the Boss?, Judith Light won two Emmys for her role on what soap?

Last Question: In The Fox and the Hound, How does Copper stop the hunter from killing Todd?

A. By standing in front of Todd
B. By biting the hunter
c. By taking the hunter’s gun
D. He lets the hunter kill Todd

Answer: A. By standing in front of Todd

This was after Todd saved Copper from a bear.

Here is the scene:

And here is the movie trailer:

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Daily Trivia: 11/21/11

Question: What 1982 movie musical gave child star Aileen Quinn her 15 minutes of fame?

Last Question: What actress played Angela’s man-hungry mama on Who’s the Boss?

Answer: Katherine Helmond

Katherine Helmond was a fixture on T.V. throughout the 80s. She starred as the ditzy Jessica Tate on Soap from 1977-1981. Then she starred as Angela Bower’s horn-dog mother, Mona Robinson on Who’s the Boss? from 1984-1992. More recently, she played Raymond’s mother-in-law, Lois Whelan in Everybody Loves Raymond.

The 83 year old Helmond has been with her second husband, David Christian, since 1962.

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