Daily Trivia – 5/25/11

Question: Sure, we know ALF stand’s for Alien Life Form, but what was ALF’s real name?

Last Question: In 1984, what beer company began featuring a dog named “Alex” in TV commercials?

Answer: Stroh’s

Before Spuds MacKenzie, there was Alex the Dog. Alex was a very smart dog, who apparently was also an alcoholic. Here is proof, from one of his most famous commercials:

The dog who portrayed Alex was Banjo, who was part Golden Retriever and Irish Setter (of course there had to be some Irish Setter in him – freakin’ stupid stereotypes!).

At the peak of his career, Alex appeared in parades, on Good Morning America, and the Today show. He even inspired a series toys, posters, cologne, shampoo and hand lotion.[2] Hip-hop artist Tone Loc referenced Alex the Dog in his song “Funky Cold Medina”.

In 1999, Stroh sold its labels to the Pabst Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company.

Here is one more commercial:

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