One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1980 – Steve Forbert – “Romeo’s Tune”

Steve Forbert is a singer-songwriter artist whose lone hit, “Romeo’s Tune”, reached #11 on February 23, 1980. At the time, Forbert was hailed as the “new Bob Dylan”. Forbet didn’t have any commercially succesful songs after that. It didn’t help that he had contractual issues with his record company, which prevented him from recording for several years. ’80s fans may recognize Forbert from his cameo appearance in Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video, playing her boyfriend.

Steve Forbert still writes and performs songs. His songs have been recorded by several artists, including Rosanne Cash, Keith Urban, Marty Stuart and Webb Wilder.

3 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1980 – Steve Forbert – “Romeo’s Tune””

    1. That’s great to hear! I didn’t remember this one, or the one before. So I was hoping people would remember some of these, and I’m having fun discovering them! Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it!


  1. The song was a sideways tribute to Florence Ballard of the Supremes. Remember “Back in My Arms Again”? “And Flo, she don’t know, ’cause the boy she loves is a Romeo”.


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