One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1988 – Times Two

“Strange But True” by Times Two

Times Two was a duo of Shanti Jones and Johnny Dollar. Their their only hit, “Strange But True”, came from their 1988 debut album ,X2. The song peaked at #20 on May 21, 1988. That same year, Times Two was the opening act for Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue Tour.

In 1990, the band released a follow-up EP called “Danger Is My Business” and a new single, “Set Me Free.” Neither made any impact on the charts.

Johnny Dollar now goes by Giovanni Di Morente and performs with El Radio Fantastique in the San Francisco Bay area.

Shanti Jones’ band is Sex and Reverb and he has produced several CDs.

Here is Times Two’s big pop hit, “Strange But True”:

4 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1988 – Times Two”

  1. Unfortunately, the record producers failed to properly promote or market this album. Releasing “Strange But True” as the single was their first mistake. The entire album is a catchy POP effort. My favorite song is “I Wantcha”. Still, other songs all would have been better, such as “3 Into 2 (Don’t Go)”, “Jet”, “L.O.D. (Love On Delivery)”. I still listen to this music… For reference, I listen to stellar bands like Led Zeppelin, 3 Doors Down, Earth Wind & Fire, and Shinedown. My musical tastes are varied. Currently loving Linkin Park and Eminem.


    1. Yes, that drives me crazy when producers release or heavily promote a certain song, when there are much better ones on the album. I like all those bands you mentioned. I like the recent Eminem song “Berzerk”. It doesn’t hurt that he samples “The Stroke” in it.


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