One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1989 – Kix

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Kix

Well, here we are with the last one-hit wonder of the ’80s. We started with the first ever top-40 hip-hop song “Rappers Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang, and we end with the beginning-of-the-end of the Hair Bands – “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Kix. I hope you have enjoyed this series. I have gotten some nice feedback, and I appreciate it. Well, on to the last ‘Wonder’…

I was surprised to find that Kix was a one-hit wonder. Maybe it’s because I get them confused with Tesla, who had the similar, and also awesome, hit “Love Song” around the same time that “Don’t Close Your Eyes” was out. But “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is Kix’s only top 40 hit on any chart.

Although they have only had one hit, Kix is a popular band, from Maryland, that made their debut in 1981. They worked hard, playing clubs up and down the East Coast. They released albums in 1983 (Cool Kids) and 1985 (Midnite Dynamite). But, it was the 1988 album Blow My Fuse that put them on the map. Led by “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, the album went platinum. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” peaked at #11 on December 16, 1989. Kix then went from playing clubs to playing in arenas, opening for acts such as RATT.

They released a few more albums in the early to mid ’90s. But once again, with the arrival of Kurt Cobain and grunge, Kix, like most of their fellow Hair Metal bands, disappeared – temporarily. A new version Kix reformed in late 2003 minus songwriter and band leader Donnie Purnell.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes”, but here is the last one-hit wonder of the ’80s, presented by Kix:

5 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of the ’80s: 1989 – Kix”

    1. Thanks!! I think you can catch all the One-Hit wonders if you go to the Categories section of the page. I still need to finish cleaning up the categories, but about halfway down you can see the One Hit Wonders, and they are also sorted by year. Thanks for coming to my blog and especially for your feedback! I appreciate it! I love you blog too. From looking at your site, I think you’ll like today’s Daily Trivia question when I post it.


  1. Done already? Man, that was fast. Great series!

    I don’t remember this song, but then again I wasn’t into a lot of the Hair Metal bands. They sure beat the grunge bands, though.


    1. I always liked this song. I have whole album on my iPod and listened to the whole thing again yesterday.

      And it sure did go by fast! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not done with discovering/rediscovering music by a longshot though. I’m going to start going over notable albums next. I think you’ll like that series too.


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