Miami Vice: Season 1 – Episode 11: Little Prince

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for some Miami Vice! I made it through one holiday so far, so I’d like to catch a couple of more Miami Vice episodes before things get more crazy at the end of the month. Today, we’ll check out episode 11 – “Little Prince”. There were 22 episodes in season 1, so we are already halfway through the first season! It is usually around this point in a lot of TV shows that there is a lull in quality before they kick it up a notch towards the end of the season. We’ll see if that’s the case here. By the way, I suppose that I should note that there are spoilers here. I know the show is 30 years old, but if you haven’t seen it since the ’80s, it may feel new to you.


This episode was directed by Alan J. Levi and was written by Wendy Cozen & Joel Surnow (teleplay written by A.J. Edison). The original air date was December 14, 1984. Wow, it was this week 31 years ago!

The episode begins with a big drug bust in an apartment building, involving all of our favorite Vice members. There was a shootout right off the bat. One bad guy jumped out the window (glass and all). Crockett was going to chase the guy down the fire escape. He looked out the window, goes back in the room where everything has calmed down, and tells Tubbs, “There’s no fire escape.”

Back at the station, they find out that one of the strung-out people caught in the bust was a rich kid named Mark (Mitchell Lichtenstein). Crockett and Tubbs were going to let Mark go, if he gave up some of his drug dealing friends. Just as Mark was going to sign the deal, his lawyer came in, and got him out. Then Crockett decided that he could use Mark to get to several drug suppliers who target rich kids.

We know that Mark comes from a rich family because Crockett went to go see him in order to rattle his cage. The closest I ever came to playing polo was in a pool playing Marco Polo. We also know that Mark’s father is a douchebag because he knocked his own son off of his horse.

Vice discovered that Mark’s father may be one of the big drug suppliers. They discover a warehouse where the drugs are stored, so they stake it out. Then we have drug bust #2. No shoot-out this time. It turns out that one of the people involved in the deal was Mark’s father’s girlfriend. Because of the bust, the father lost $5 million, and he could be linked to the drugs. So, he has the girlfriend killed, making it look like a suicide.
Crockett, Tubs and Castillo know that the father was involved, but didn’t have hard evidence. So they talk the son into wearing a wire, and get his father to admit what he did. It worked, and the father was arrested without any gunfire.


There were no big name stars, and hardly any action in this episode. But, they must have used most of their budget on the music.

“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

“Tiny Demons” by Todd Rundgren

“Turn Up the Radio” by Autograph

Final Thoughts

Well, I guess I kind of called it. This was a bit of stinker by Miami Vice standards. It started so promising. But, after the opening credits rolled, this episode was pretty boring. The music saved this episode. That being said, a less-than-stellar Miami Vice episode is still better than any procedural show on television today.

Well, that’s it for this week. If you’re watching these episodes along with me, or if you remember these episodes, let me know what you think.

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