Quote of the Day: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

McCoy: [Kirk runs in to the engine room and sees Spock inside the reactor compartment. He rushes over but McCoy and Scotty hold him back] No! You’ll flood the whole compartment!

Kirk: He’ll die!

Scotty: Sir! He’s dead already.

McCoy: It’s too late.

[They let go and Kirk walks to the glass and pushes the intercom button]

Kirk: Spock!

[Spock slowly walks over to the glass and pushes the intercom]

Spock: The ship… out of danger?

Kirk: Yes.

Spock: Do not grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many, outweigh…

The needs of the few.

Spock: Or the one. I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now. What do you think of my solution?

Kirk: Spock.

[Spock sits down]

Spock: [Gasping] I have been… and always shall be… your friend.

[he places a Vulcan salute on the glass]

Spock: [Gasping] Live long… and prosper.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was released on this day 36 years ago – June 4, 1982

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8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

    1. Me too! The only 2 times I cried in the theater was this scene, and the end of E.T.
      I kinda like the new Star Trek movies. But, it was kind of pathetic how they tried recreating this scene. Look at the emotional impact this had in 1982. In the new version, it was basically a throwaway scene.

      1. I liked the first Star Trek reboot, but Into Darkness was a huge mistake. Especially the Kirk death scene, it was just wrong on so many levels. The reason this scene was so impactful was because we’d seen the friendship between these characters over the decades, via the series (and endless reruns), not to mention knowing of the real life friendship between Shatner and Nimoy. Plus, at the time, as far as we knew, this really was the end! Spock was dead. And that’s why, even after what came later, this scene still works.

        But the new version of Kirk and Spock just didn’t have this same established relationship yet. Plus we all knew they wouldn’t just kill off Kirk. So it didn’t work. That, plus the John Harrison/Khan reveal, was obvious from the start, so that had no impact either.

        And I think the biggest shame is that the creative failure of Into Darkness ended up hurting the next film. I think Star Trek Beyond was a great film, and should have been bigger, but a lot fans just stayed away.

        1. Very well said! I agree with you 100%
          Into Darkness felt like lazy writing. I did enjoy the action scenes, but it’s shallow with no heart. The Kirk “death” scene just took me right out of it, not to mention Spock’s KHAAAAAANNNNN! My favorite part of that movie is the scene with the Klingons. They seemed so vicious and ruthless.

          I also agree with you about Star Trek Beyond. That one actually felt more like the original series. I feel like that one fits in with the original movies.

          I liked the first of the reboot films. Part of the reason may be because I wasn’t expecting too much after suffering through too many reboots and remakes. But, they did a good job with the characters. And I think the thing that put it over for me was Leonard Nimoy’s appearance. I was not expecting that at all. It was a perfect way to tie the series together. It was done in a way that it didn’t wipe out the movies and tv episodes that we grew up with, yet the new people could have their own storyline. I guess that’s why the Khan story irritated me so much in Into Darkness. They could have created a whole new villain, and it would have been much better. I think that’s why the last one was so much better.

          1. Yep. Nailed. Into Darkness was just lazy. After the big reboot, they should have focused on telling more NEW stories. They could have still eventually brought in Khan, but not this soon, as the immediate follow-up. I would have saved him for at least until the 4th film in the new timeline. I would have strove to be more original, don’t waste time with the “mystery” of his identity (and this time get an actual East Indian man to play him), and don’t try to re-ash the Spock death scene.

            1. I like you’re thinking! That’s another great point about the ethnicity. In the first reboot, I thought they did a great job casting. They really dropped the ball big time in this second movie. They were too much in a hurry to get this storyline on the screen. They were trying to reboot Star Trek II, which is no different than these other crap reboots they keep putting out. I like your idea of casting an East Indian, and do it further down the line. Maybe even do a subtle throw-away plot point in a movie where Kirk sends Khan into exile (maybe even inadvertently), and in another movie down the line, have Khan come back with a personal vendetta against Kirk himself. Maybe they didn’t think they would make that many movies.
              I am going to get my podcast going again shortly. Would be be open to be a guest if we do a Star Trek themed episode? I think you would be great!

              1. Me? A guest? I’m flattered at the idea, but I’m nobody! I’m just a regular fan. with opinions. I’m not sure that anything I’d say would be all that interesting to listeners…

                1. Lol! You’re a kick-ass blogger with great opinions. You’d be great. It may be a little while. I think we’ll be doing one on the movie Vacation, and then we’ll be doing one on Ready Player One. So, it’ll be a little bit before we get to it. I’ll definitely get back to you. I’ve always loved your blog. I think you’ve been at it as long as I have.

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