Whitney Houston March Madness – Final Four

Whitney March Madness Unfortunately, much like Whitney’s life, this year’s Return to the ’80s March Madness has been a bit of a train wreck. First, we had recorded a great podcast episode about this tournament. After we were done, I went to click the ‘Stop Recording’ button, only to find that I never started it!!!
To add insult to injury, I use WordPress for web hosting, and they changed the way the polls are done. All I can see is that 8 people voted, and it will not show me the results. And on the main Facebook page, there is no longer an option to add a poll. So, I posted the Facebook poll on the Return to the ’80s group page.
Twitter is the only consistent platform. Unfortunately, my account had been hacked this year, so I only have a fraction of the followers I once had. Luckily, the Twitter followers are very cool and active! So I was able to get some results. There was no close matchup in the Elite 8 this time. So, even though I was unable to see the results on the web site, it doesn’t matter because the results would be the same.
So, I present to you, this year’s Final Four, which can be voted for on Twitter or the Return to the ’80s group page.

Saving All My Love For You” vs. “How Will I Know

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” vs. “So Emotional

I will announce the championship match on Wednesday.

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